After all,Tom Brady Jersey how many of us predicted that the Texans would take Kevin Johnson at this point last year? For this mock draft,Colin Kaepernick Jersey I used the prospect rankings from to determine which players would be available for each pick.Kelvin Benjamin Jersey While it's true that no draft has ever gone exactly according to any one site's prospect rankings, it does seem to be the most effective way to take on this process.Dick Butkus Jersey Should I try to get into the minds of 32 different owners, general managers,Matthew Stafford Jersey and coaches about what they all feel is their biggest need, who they like on film,Peyton Manning Jersey and how desperate they might be to move up or down the draft order, or should I base it on the best players most likely to be available at their draft spot?Marcus Mariota Jersey Every mock ever created is already a collection of 'best guesses,' so why not try to eliminate as much of the guess work as possible?DeForest Buckner Jersey Please keep in mind that my picks were based on the prospect ratings put out by CBS after the NFL Scouting Combine on February 29th, so if you're reading this several days or weeks later,Luke Kuechly Jersey their rankings could obviously look much different. Last thing before we get into the picks,Jay Cutler Jersey my mocks in the past for this site have been for all seven rounds, but the exact draft position for rounds four through seven haven't been determined yet by the league. So for now this will only be a three-round mock, but I will do another that includes rounds four through seven as we get closer to draft day.